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We built a leading financial quantitative trading platform - xSyphon

We are a seasoned FX and Cryptocurrency trading provider in the industry. We offer the opportunity to access the largest and most liquid financial market worldwide.

Our cutting-edge trading platform allows financial institutions to access advanced trading tools for increased success rate and benefit from better risk-adjusted returns.

Unveiling the Power of AI Strategy: In-Depth Insights from Historical Backtesting Data
We created our own AIGC-driven research tool - MINDEAL

By seamlessly navigating through the intricacies of data and uncovering hidden insights, this tool empowers professionals to make well-informed decisions in venture investments, ensuring robust due diligence with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Enhancing Data Acquisition Efficiency: Swift Analysis of Key Figures' Interrelationships
Hongkong SAR, China

We are a London-based forex proprietary trading strategy provider, pioneering a tech-driven approach to build a new quantitative trading system. Utilizing machine learning, we automate high-frequency trading models, ensuring market liquidity.

Data is our strength
Cloud services provide us with support
Artificial intelligence acts as our engine

By harnessing the insights from data, leveraging the flexibility and scalability of cloud services, and incorporating the intelligent decision-making and automation capabilities of artificial intelligence, we develop innovative solutions to deliver efficient and personalised financial services.


Drive the financial industry towards intelligence and efficiency. With great enthusiasm, we embrace the fusion of data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence to create true value and exceptional experiences for financial institutions and customers.


If you have confidence in the power of data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence, and are eager to be part of this dynamic and innovative team, please join us!

Let's ignite our passion together and lead the financial industry into a new era with the power of data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence.

Born in the UK Scaled Globally

With a global headquarters and close collaboration with quant and data engineering teams in Hong Kong and Australia, we partner with a fully licensed senior trading firm in London to develop powerful high-frequency forex trading strategies. Our strong industry strategy background and technical expertise set us apart.

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